Innovative Thinker

"LIVÓN is the result and a symbol of our never-ending desire to offer unparalleled strategic and creative quality with innovation and customer intelligence at the core."

Patrick Abou Chacra
Founder & CEO

Who we are

It’s an ‘always on’ world.
One that is full of information,
accessible anywhere, anytime.

Today’s consumer has the power of choice. About where, when, and how they want to spend their time. Which means, if they find a piece of communication intrusive, they may choose to read, watch or listen to something else. The challenge really is attention. How do you, as a marketer, get the attention of your target audience?

A strategic team that believes in opening minds. A servicing team that is always eager to go that extra mile.

We’re LIVÓN solutions, a full-service agency that has an integrated philosophy of creativity across every solution that is offered. We believe that to attract attention, we must understand what consumers actually want.

Create communication (a message, an experience, a display, a video, an ad, a blog, anything) that they can connect with. Build engagement by adding value–through learning or entertainment. Making consumers feel that it was time well spent.

Our experience has taught us that consumer
attention is earned by building trust.
Real trust.

We want to be an agency of choice that provides effective solutions for today and tomorrow.

We have the expertise to deliver our solutions across a range of channels.

And we have divisions that focus on specific needs.





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Our Culture : Inspiring to achieve the impossible
We work hard and play hard.
We believe hard work should be rewarded.
And we value work-life balance.
We’re one team with multiple strengths.
And we’re always ready for the next


Shape the future of communication through solutions that are fuelled by creative thinking and innovative executions. And build value for all our stakeholders – clients, business partners, employees, and the ecosystem.


We want to lead the way in the emerging world of communication. To influence human behaviour through the power of creativity. Be the communication champion who brings sharp insights and innovative thinking to set an example, exceed expectations by delivering creative excellence and measurable results.

Our VALUES determine our actions. They tell us how we think, work, behave and achieve in the world.


Be ambitious. Let imagination be the wings. Soar high. Think upside Down. Tap the power of creativity to touch the consumers feel at their hearts.


Be courageous. Be passionate. Any problem can be solved. Try harder. Any task can be acheived. Go the extra mile to make things happen. For brands. For consumers. For clients. For business.


Be unreasonable. Changes cannot be affected by ordinary minds. Think results. Inspire participation. Spark conversations. An idea can change anything.