Get the last mile of your marketing right

By Patrick Abou Chacra, Founder & CEO

Field marketing involves working on site to connect sales with markets. Field marketing has many forms of execution. It could be any contact with customers such as sales support, leading a workshop at a conference, running street promotions, hosting a demo at an event or simply handing out flyers. For this reason, field marketing is often referred to as the last mile of marketing. However, the recent times have seen field marketing evolve. There appears to be a clear need for field marketers to become a business partner to sales and gain a clear insight and deep understanding of buyers’ needs and their journey to purchase. This involves using new and innovative media to deliver integrated marketing programs. This growing shift has presented a unique challenge for today’s field marketers to whip up innovative ways to communicate and track field marketing initiatives. To make this exercise successful for field marketers like you, we at Livon have carefully picked the most critical must-do steps in field marketing from the best of our experience. These are our directives. Our 10 commandments laid down for you to build your field marketing program.