When recruiting fresh work force, it is all about building your network over the years.

By Patrick Abou Chacra, Founder & CEO

Recruitment process is not just about placing a ‘We’re hiring’ ad online. Recruitment could start when you’re in college, or having a cup of coffee with someone you look up to or just watching a movie with friends. This basically means its all about constantly building a network and providing value to people and it’s a form of virtual investment that’s acts like a resource to which you can keep adding people from your network. It’s an investment which is even better than money (yes, it is!) because as you continue to add people to your network and as they experience how good you are doing what you do, they will surely stand by when needed or called for recruitment. So if you start recruitment only when you need to build a team, you’re missing out on a valuable investment which could benefit you enormously. Writer, entrepreneur, and programmer Derek Sivers puts it best when he talks about the fact that “doing things for others is pretty much the behavior that the universe rewards most.”